Below is a list of papers accepted by the Scientific Committee until 26 January 2015. The list will be updated soon. The paper status will be changed from “Proposed” to “Confirmed” when the participant completes the conference registration (see

    Crt. no. Name Country Paper Status Type of presentation
    1. Maria Alcantud Diaz Spain TALIS: Intercultural Education Teaching Languages, Connecting cultures, Connecting People… Confirmed Oral
    2. Merete Amann Gainotti Italy The use of autobiographical literature in psychological research Confirmed Oral
    3. Dorota Babilas Poland Papa Dracula: Vampires for Family Values? Confirmed Oral
    4. Mark Benecke, Ines Fischer Germany Large subculture study into a Central European contemporary vampyre group Confirmed Oral
    5. Brankica Bojović Serbia The Importance of Culture in Translation and Education Confirmed Oral
    6. Kristin Bone Ireland Location and the Vampire: The Impact of Fictional Stories upon Associated Locations Confirmed Oral
    7. Silvia-Maria Chireac Spain Linguistic attitudes of refugee students in a bilingual context Confirmed Oral
    8. Kaja Franck UK Dracula, the Big Bad Wolf, and the myth of Gothic Transylvania Confirmed Oral
    9. Sam George UK Spirited Away: The Representation of Transylvania in the Pied Piper and Dracula myth in England and Germany (1818-1922) Confirmed Oral
    10. Magdalena Grabias-Zurek Poland Gothic and Horror in Contemporary Cinema and Television: Aesthetic Experience and Emotional Impact Confirmed Oral
    11. Ionuța Iorga Romania From the Construction of the Socio-Politics to Identity Reconstruction: Central Europe as a mosaic of the state of Crisis Confirmed Oral
    12. Daniela Kohn Romania Design Levels in the New Romanian as a Foreign Language (RFL)-Textbooks Confirmed Oral
    13. Marina Simak Spevakova, Ružena Šimoni Černak Serbia Bilingualism, biliterarity, identity (exemplified through the Slovak-Serbian bilingualism in Vojvodina, Serbia – interdisciplinary approach) Confirmed Oral
    14. Minerva Lăcătușu Romania Brâncuși’s bird in space: archetypal symbols Confirmed Oral
    15. Ines Fischer, Mark Benecke Germany Statistical details concerning the current, large-scale subculture study about central European real-life vampyre identity groups Confirmed Oral
    16. Mitchell Grant UK Confirmed
    17. Raffaela Leproni Italy Transferable and Negotiation Communicative Skills in English for Human Resources - CLIL Confirmed Oral
    18. Livia Mateiaș Romania Introducing Contemporary Arts to Contemporary People Confirmed Oral
    19. Laura Mesesan Romania Communicating through art: From the surrealistic drawing to the general dystopian picture in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go Confrimed Oral
    20. Summer Mouallem UK Linguistic Exploitation and grammatical construction of taboo language Confirmed Oral
    21. Monica Oprescu Romania Culture and Identity in EFL Contexts Confirmed Oral
    22. Paloma Rodriguez-Miñambres Spain A portrait of Elementary and Primary teachers-to-be: their reading beliefs, behaviours and habits Confirmed Oral
    23. Hans de Roos Germany Count Dracula's Address Confirmed Oral
    24. Shantana Saikia India Folk Narratives and the Indexical World of Sattra Identity Confirmed Oral
    25. H. Kubra Saygili Turkey Imagination in Speaking Classes: My 'Romeo and Juliet' Confirmed Oral
    26. Susannah Schaff USA Confirmed
    27. Nancy Schumann UK Emotion and Identity in Vampire Literature Confirmed Oral
    28. Ana Vlaisavljevic Serbia A comparative exploration of the impact of teacher education on foreign language student teachers' pedagogical beliefs: Serbia and Great Britain Confirmed Oral

    Crt. no. Name Country Paper Status Type of presentation
    1. KATARZINA ADAMCZYK Poland Marital and Love Attitudes as Predictors of Polish Young Adults' Relationship Status: Findings from a 2-wave longitudinal study, A longitudinal study of the predictive role of marital and love attitudes for Polish young adults’ relationship status, Do sexual attitudes and perception of love and sex matter for Polish young adults' relationship status? Confirmed On line presentation
    2. RUDITE ANDERSONE Latvia Curriculum for sustainable development in a multicultural society Confirmed Oral presentation
    3. SIMONA ADAM Romania Three Generations of Change: Memory, Socialization and Educational Patterns in Banat Region Confirmed Oral presentation
    5. FLORENTINA CAROLINA BACIU Romania Intercultural education as a factor of Non-violent behaviours Confirmed Oral presentation
    6. ANDREA BATHORY NEMETH Hungary Lack of competencies and management failures of women, who have achieved prominent degrees Confirmed Oral presentation
    7. ZOIA BOZU, MARIA DEL MAR PRATS Spain Entrepreneurship and university. Diagnosis, good practices and actions in the Catalan universities Confirmed On-line presentation
    8. BIANCA BRICEAG Italy Quali strategie si possono adottare, a livello di didattica, per formare i cittadini europei? Confirmed Oral presentation
    9. SIMONA BUTNARU Romania The partnership between teachers and parents in early education: conflict vs complementarity of beliefs and expectations Confirmed Oral presentation
    10. CRISTINA CEAPA Romania Social perceptionof cancer and its impact on quality of life of cancer patients from Romania Confirmed Oral presentation
    11. MARIANA CERNICOVA Romania Students' Implication In Establishing Their Learning Experiences: Mental Attitudes And Practical Action Confirmed On-line presentation
    12. STEFANA CIORTEA-NEAMTIU Romania Loving the Beast. The Loving Beast / The Step from Horror to Romance in Contemporary Entertainment Media Confirmed Oral presentation
    13. ALINA CHIVU Romania Mystic delirium Confirmed Oral presentation
    14. PILAR COLÁS-BRAVO, TERESA GONZÁLEZ-RAMÍREZ, JESÚS CONDE JIMÉNEZ& JUAN DE PABLOS-PONS Spain Perception of Teachers of Their Digital Competition and Their Students Confirmed Oral presentation
    15. PAULA CRACIUN,DANA CRACIUN Romania Increasing student's interest for science through creative teaching methods Confirmed Poster presentation
    16. KEVIN COLLIER UK A longitudinal evaluation of parental mediation of media on adolescent health outcomes Confirmed Oral presentation
    17. MONICA COSTE Romania Social and affective anchors" in supporting the teaching profession Confirmed Oral presentation
    18. AUGUSTO GAMUZZA Italy De-institutionalizing Education. Homeschooling Movement as Alternative Social Form of Education in Italy Confirmed On-line presentation
    19. LILIANA EVA DONATH, VALENTIN MUNTEANU Romania Research education and social capital. An integrated perspective Confirmed Oral presentation
    20. SIMONA DRĂGAN, RALUCA DUMACHE Romania Results of the assessment for curriculum reform at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Victor Babes Timisoara Romania Confirmed Oral presentation
    21. RALUCA DUMACHE, SIMONA DRAGAN Romania Importance of medical ethics in preparing the future doctors Confirmed Oral presentation
    22. SILA DURHAN Turkey Rethinking the Vernacular Turkish Residential Architecture Confirmed Oral presentation
    23. GABRIELA DOMILESCU Romania What are the national values of Romanians? The answers of teachers Confirmed Oral presentation
    24. MARTA FULOP Hungary The effect of competitive and noncompetitive school climate on students’ motivation: a Chinese –Hungarian comparison Confirmed Oral presentation
    25. ALICIA ROS GARRIDO, MARÍA JOSÉ CHISVERT-TARAZONA Spain Las creencias del profesorado de Formación Profesional para el Confirmed On-line presentation
    26. LIZZIE GAUNTLETT UK Academic Resilience in Non-traditional Students of Higher Education: a Literature Review Confirmed Oral presentation
    27. ARIANNA GIULIANI Italy Leadership diffusa degli studenti e qualificazione dei servizi di tutorato: uno studio di caso Confirmed Oral presentation
    28. SONIA GÓMEZ BENÍTEZ Columbia La formación en investigación: un camino para las prácticas innovadoras y el mejoramiento de la calidad de la educación en Colombia Confirmed Oral presentation
    29. TERESA GONZÁLEZ-RAMÍREZ, PILAR COLÁS-BRAVO& JESÚS CONDE-JIMÉNEZ Spain Emotional States Associated With Learning ICT Confirmed Oral presentation
    30. FLORENTA GRIGORE Romania Lost and without identity - the child: victim of transgenerational aggression Confirmed Oral presentation
    31. REMUS GROZE Romania Virtue ethics and character education Confirmed Oral presentation
    32. ANCA GUTT, SIMONA TRIFU Romania Substance abuse, overlapped an obsessive-compulsive disorder, trigger of psychiatric disease Confirmed Oral presentation
    33. MARINEL IORDAN, CRACIUN DANA Romania Open technology and educational resources in the Computer Assisted Instruction Confirmed Oral presentation
    34. ROBERT IVES, MADALINA ALAMA SUA Academic Dishonesty in Romania: A research collaboration Confirmed Oral presentation
    35. ORSOLYA KERESZTY Hungary Language teachers’ beliefs on innovative methods Confirmed Oral presentation
    36. MIRELA LĂSCOIU Romania The New Research, Development and Innovation National Strategy Confirmed Oral presentation
    37. FLORENTINA IONELA LINCĂ, CLAUDIA NICOLETA VÎJA, SIMONA TRIFU Romania Organic affective disorder effects of alcohol on mental life and mendacious behavior Confirmed Oral presentation
    37. LUCICA SILVIA Romania Aestetic taste development and brands fascination Confirmed Oral presentation
    38. COSMINA LUNGOCI Romania Cultural behavior and its importance in learning FFL Confirmed Oral presentation
    39. MARIA LUNGU Romania The consequences of labeling on personality development Confirmed Oral presentation
    40. SIMONA MARICA Romania Designing an educational project for complementary training in clinical psychology Confirmed Oral presentation
    41. ADELA MĂGĂȚ CÎNDEA Romania The relationship anxiety, self-esteem and academic performance in adolescents
    The relationship between mother's perceived parenting style and adolescent's emotional intelligence and self-esteem.
    Confirmed Oral presentation
    42. ROGER DAVIS Canada Plagiarism, Pedagogy, Professionalism: Ethics in Education Confirmed Oral presentation
    43. Dana GAVRELIUC, Alin GAVRELIUC Romania Social capital and cultural dimensions in Romanian educational environment Confirmed Oral presentation
    44. MANCILA IULIA Spain Policies and practices in Intercultural Education in Spain. An overview Confirmed On-line presentation
    45. ZVIA MARKOVITS Israel Beliefs hold by elementary school students toward mathematics Confirmed Oral presentation
    46. RADMILA MILOVANOVIC, PETROVIC VESNA Serbia Competitiveness and Empathy of Teachers and Educators Confirmed Oral presentation
    19. ARIANNA MORINI Italy Leggere a scuola sui tablet: l’importanza della familiarizzazione Confirmed Oral presentation
    47. GERALDINE MORRIS UK Disturbing Perceptions: Using a digital App to Develop Insight into Choreography Confirmed Oral presentation
    48. NARCISA NADOLU Romania Structuring Values in Education Confirmed Oral presentation
    49. MARIA NICULESCU, ANCA FRANT Romania The Influence of Classroom Management Quality on the Students’ Behaviour Confirmed Oral presentation
    50. GULFIA PARFILOVA, ROZA VALEEVA Russia Study of Orphanage Children’s Value Orientations Confirmed Oral presentation
    51. MAGDA PETRESCU Romania Emotional intelligence and academic performance among students Confirmed Oral presentation
    52. TADEJ PIRC Slovenia Post-Metaphysical Ethos: “Right Values” between Relativism and Perspectivism Confirmed Oral presentation
    53. ZUZANA PODRACKA UK Perceptions of Authority among the Slovak Youth before and after the Velvet Revolution Confirmed Oral presentation
    54. IRINA TEODORA RADU MOTATAIANU Romania Child affective neglect Confirmed Oral presentation
    55. ELENA RAFAILA Romania The Importance of physical and psychomotric education in early childhood Confirmed Oral presentation
    56. MIHAELA RĂDUCEA Romania Educational intervention ways (methods) to develop assertiveness at primary school age Confirmed Oral presentation
    57. GUILLERMO RIOS UK The importance of play in early years development Confirmed Oral presentation
    58. NÓRA SEBESTYÉN Hungary Narratives of effort in migration context: Comparison among Chinese, Hungarian and Chinese immigrant students Confirmed Oral presentation
    4. IGNASI SOLS BALCELLS Spain Violent video game play and reduction of social concern Confirmed Poster presentation
    59. ANDREA STÉBER Hungary Opportunities of informal learning in the workplace Confirmed Oral presentation
    60. ANDREA SUTA (POP), RAMONA IOANA UNGUR Romania Family, first educational environment in building career profile Confirmed Poster presentation
    61. VESNA PETROVIC, RADMILA MILOVANOVIC Serbia Collaborative Style of Work in a Peer Group – Cognitive and Socio-Emotional Dimensions Confirmed Oral
    62. DYLAN ROYS UK ‘Radio therapy: Experience-based media education in the forensic context’ Confirmed Oral presentation
    63. MARKO STRLE Slovenia A critical insight into the understanding of the teacher’s teaching Confirmed Oral presentation
    64. LETTERIO TODARO Italy Formazione Democratica E Pedagogie Narrative: L’educazione Alla Convivenza Civile, Il Rispetto Delle Regole E Il Contrasto Alle Mafie Nella Recente Letteratura Per L’infanzia E Per Ragazzi In Italia Confirmed Oral presentation
    65. SIMONA TRIFU Romania Intellectualization as ascetic way within the avoidant structure. Between neurosis, inhibition and psychological sensitivity Confirmed Oral presentation
    66. CARMEN MARIA ȚÎRU Romania A comparative study about students’ opinion on high school and university curricular contents approaches Confirmed Oral presentation
    67. AGZAM VALEEV, ALFIA R. BARANOVA Russia Pedagogical Conditions Of Students’ Self-Realization Capacity Development Confirmed Oral presentation
    68. ROZA VALEEVA, AIDAR M. KALIMULLIN Russia The role of parent-child relationship in the formation of primary school children non-violence position Confirmed Oral presentation
    69. SIMONA MARIA VLĂDICA Romania Explore medicine TV Confirmed Oral presentation
    70. SIMONA VASILACHE Japan Intercultural communication in a Japanese university international environment Confirmed Oral presentation
    71. NORMA ZAKARIA Lebanon Éduquer à la culture du dialogue, un enjeu pour le dialogue des cultures Confirmed Oral presentation