Join Us in Timișoara at BBEC 2016!

The Second edition of International Conference Beliefs and Behaviours in Education and Culture (BBEC) will be held at the West University of Timișoara on 23-25 June 2016 . The aim of the conference, proposing interdisciplinary perspectives, is to build comprehensive and holistic explanations of beliefs from different sciences that have a great impact upon education and culture. The conference addresses themes related to issues and processes of education at any level, from kindergarten to lifelong learning, from formal to informal education.

We propose topics of debate, such as but not limited to:
*   Education as connection among cultures
*   Culture and emotions in education
*   Beliefs and behaviour in culture and education
*   Research and innovation in Education
*   Technology and Digital Learning
*   Implications of media exposure
*   The representation of mythical spaces in literature and the arts
*   Emotion and cognition in entertainment: the role of education
*   Gothic and horror in contemporary entertainment media: aesthetic experience and emotional impact.

Deadline for abstract submission: 1 MARCH 2016.

Timişoara, the largest city in Western Romania, is the capital of the Timiş County, and the centre of the historical region of the Banat. Frequently referred to as “Little Vienna”, the city has a rich multicultural history, but is also an important economic modern center.

A free literary tour of Timișoara, which will follow the steps of the foreign visitors who have described the city since the 17th century to present, will be offered to the participants in the conference, as part of a rich social event program. One of these writers (Andrew A. Paton) perfectly illustrates travellers’ impressions of Timișoara: “... if a stranger were to have his eyes bandaged, he would suppose that he had been carried back towards the centre of Europe …” (A. A. Paton, Researches on the Danube, 1862, p. 31).